Equality California’s Marc Solomon: Messaging on Marriage - We Need You!

As written by Marc Solomon on the LGBT POV site:

"To help get all of us started we’re releasing two documents. One — developed by coalition organization Freedom to Marry — is an analysis of more than 75 different studies from the last five years on the issue of marriage equality — polls, focus groups, academic studies and the like from California, Washington, Maine, Massachusetts and other states around the country. The analysis highlights what the common themes are—what we know is effective — and helps us better understand what we do not know.

"Second, we at Equality California Institute wanted to share insights we’ve gained from the 160 door-to-door canvasses throughout the state that we’ve led over the past year, and the tens of thousands of conversations we’ve had so far with people who oppose marriage equality. We’ve learned a great deal about getting people to reconsider sometimes long-held beliefs on the subject.

"You can provide feedback in a number of ways.  Join me and other Let California Ring Messaging Committee members on Thursday for an online messaging roundtable. Come to one of our in-depth roundtables in Los Angeles, Riverside, or San Francisco. Or simply fill out this questionnaire to provide your best ideas."

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