Equality Maryland Mobilizes Pro-Equality Clergy Support

An excerpt from the statement:

"We are clergy and religious leaders across Maryland from many faiths and denominations.  We are but a sample of Maryland clergy who support marriage equality and wish to marry same-sex couples legally.  

We are Baptist, Buddhist, Catholic, Episcopal, Interfaith, Jewish Conservative, Jewish Reconstructionist, Jewish Reform, Lutheran, Metropolitan Community Church, Methodist, Presbyterian, Reformed Church of America, Unitarian Universalist, United Church of Christ and Unity Fellowship Church."

Equality Maryland continues to collect petition signatures from supportive clergy. They have already reached out to each of the leaders who signed on to the ad about holding forums to engage in conversations throughout the state to really start to build a statewide network of people of faith.

They are continuing to collect signatures from supportive clergy and religious leaders. Click to read the full statement and add your name to the list of supportive clergy: [Link]