Equality wins again in New Hampshire

As reported by New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition:

"Here is a list of seventy towns that rejected the resolution. This list does not include 88 of New Hampshire ’s 231 towns and all of New Hampshire ’s 13 cities that refused to take the issue up. These results are totally consistent with UNH Survey Center polling that demonstrates 74% of New Hampshire citizens are not bothered by marriage equality.

"...Opponents of equality having failed to collect the 25 signatures necessary in more than half of New Hampshire’s towns and having failed to collect the necessary signatures in any of New Hampshire’s cities have lost their effort to demonstrate their capacity to amend the New Hampshire Constitution with 2/3 of New Hampshire voters supporting such an amendment. It is mathematically impossible for them to reach a majority of New Hampshire voters let alone the 2/3 necessary.

"...These non-binding resolutions are an attempt to turn neighbor against neighbor and trick citizens into supporting this hateful constitutional amendment that re-defines marriage whether in name or effect, as the union of one man and one women. This would not only repeal marriage equality but would also make civil unions and or any other type of relationship recognition for gay/lesbian couples unconstitutional.

Take action: Defend equality with a secure online donation. Write a letter to the editor by clicking here.  If your town rejected this issue, share what happened in your town. There seems to be some confusion in the press."


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