Federal Update: New Co-Sponsors for the Respect for Marriage Act

This week, the Respect for Marriage Act, which would overturn DOMA and federal marriage discrimination, got four new co-sponsors: Senator Sanders (VT), Senator Bingaham (NM), Rep. Hochul (NY), and Rep. Owens (NY)! 

This exciting progress is due to work that Freedom to Marry and national coalition partners have been doing to bring local partners and individual constituents together to talk to our representatives in Congress who have not yet signed on to the bill. 

And it's paying off! Four in one week is great news - especially going into July where the Senate Judiciary Committee will likely be holding the first-ever hearing on the Respect for Marriage Act. 
But there are a lot more conversations to have. If your Senators or Congressmember are not yet co-sponsors of the bill, we need you to contact them today and urge them to sign-on. Click here to find out where they stand and take action today. 

It's the work you do in your state that will help Capitol Hill move closer to ending federal marriage discrimination! Thanks so much for your help.