‘Foremost in my Mind,’ Even 14 Years Later

Gail Marquis & Audrey Smaltz • New York, NY

Gail Marquis and Audrey Smaltz have been together for 14 years - and their love story is sure to put a smile on your face.

Gail is a former Olympic Basketball player, and Audrey is a former model and fashion editor. The couple fell in love 14 years ago, and they each say that the other is "foremost in my mind." They married in November 2011, and now, Audrey can't get enough of introducing Gail as her wife. 

Now that the central part of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, their marriage will grant them all of the federal protections that marriage triggers on a federal level. Don't miss this great video, produced with 'The Devotion Project,' which perfectly captures why Gail and Audrey make each other smile:

The pair met at a seminar in 1999 and went on their first date a few months later. They have been together since, for a total of 14 years and were married in November 2011 in New York City. The video is a snapshot of Gail and Audrey in their current life, with interviews of them discussing their individual pasts and footage of them taking their vows in front of family and friends. "We're leaning on each other," Marquis says. "We're committed, wife and wife."

Gail won a silver medal as a member of the 1976 USA Olympic Basketball Team and was recently inducted into the New York City Basketball Hall of Fame. She grew up in Queens, NY, and is now a broker operating her own financial company. Audrey, who grew up in Harlem, is a former model, commentator for Ebony Fashion Fair and contributing editor for Vogue magazine. She is now chief executive and founder of the backstage fashion management company Ground Crew. The couple divide their time between New York City and Jersey City.

Freedom to Marry founder and president Evan Wolfson explained the importance of love stories like Gail and Audrey's. He said:

Anyone can see that Gail and Audrey are a great match and, moreover, that they are committed to spending their lives together and taking care of each other. As with so many other loving couples, their wedding day was one of the most beautiful and memorable days of their lives. Videos like this show why marriage matters to gay and non-gay couples alike, and why all couples should have the freedom to marry and the ability to protect the families that they build together -- in every state, and with full recognition by the federal government.