Freedom Nevada launches campaign to win the freedom to marry in Nevada

Today, February 13, 2014, supporters of the freedom to marry came together in press conferences in Reno and Las Vegas to launch Freedom Nevada, the campaign to win marriage for same-sex couples and their families in Nevada. The campaign is headed by the ACLU of Nevada, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN), Freedom to Marry, and the Human Rights Campaign, and Freedom to Marry is proud to work as a leader in removing marriage discrimination from Nevada's Constitution. The website, which launched today HERE, is also available in Spanish

The launch today comes in anticipation of an expected 2016 ballot measure on marriage - and in an effort to build public support for marriage as a high-profile court case seeking the freedom to marry, Sevcik v. Sandoval, is advancing rapidly through the judicial system. It is one of four cases pending at the federal appellate level, but if resolution is not achieved in the case this year, observers expect the legislature to take up the issue in 2015, as they consider whether to pass the second legislative referral required to put marriage on the ballot in the 2016 election.

Freedom to Marry founder and president Evan Wolfson celebrated the launch of the release today, explaining:

All committed couples should have the freedom to marry in the state that they call home, and that includes same-sex couples in Nevada. The national landscape for marriage is shifting rapidly. With a ground-breaking Nevada lawsuit pending in federal court and the prospect of a ballot measure here in two years, Nevada is ready for marriage.

Freedom to Marry staffers Thomas Wheatley, our Director of Organizing, and Cameron Tolle, our Manager of Digital Action, were on the ground for the launch (below).

Freedom Nevada explained today:

There will be lots of work in the days and months ahead to move this important effort forward in our state. We are committed to that work, and hope that you will join us as we stand up for freedom for all Nevada families. But, today, thousands of loving, committed couples who call Nevada home are denied this basic freedom. These are our family members, friends and neighbors – people we know and love from our churches, schools and at work.

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