Freedom to Marry decries passage of anti-gay amendment in North Carolina

Today, the North Carolina legislature approved an amendment to the state’s constitution that would deny same-sex couples the freedom to marry. Despite polls showing that a majority of North Carolinians oppose the amendment and the outspoken opposition from major business leaders around the state, the majority of state legislators nevertheless passed this discriminatory legislation that will appear on the statewide ballot in May 2012.

Below is a statement on the vote from our National Campaign Director Marc Solomon:

“This nasty attack amendment is a tremendous blow to loving, committed same-sex couples across North Carolina who want to make a lifetime commitment to the person they love and to protect their families.  To try to preempt the conversations taking place across North Carolina about same-sex couples and why marriage matters by cementing discrimination into the constitution is unfair and wrong.  And politically scheming to put such a cruel and discriminatory measure on a low-turnout Republican presidential primary ballot is a sham designed to circumvent the majority of North Carolina voters, who polls say, oppose this amendment and the injury it will inflict not just on families, but the state.”

Freedom to Marry played an active role in helping Equality North Carolina fight the amendment, mobilizing our members in the state to contact their lawmakers and contributing $20,000 to support the hiring of a lobbyist to help secure votes.