Freedom to Marry launches new digital hub to share stories of Alabama families

Today, November 19, Freedom to Marry launched a new digital hub, Spirit of the South, to share stories and photos of same-sex couples and families living in Alabama. These moving stories show the urgency of winning the freedom to marry for all loving, committed couples.

The hub features quotes of 13 families, as well as Pastor J.R. Finney of Covenant Community Church in Birmingham. One of the people profiled, Bobbie, spoke of the importance of having respect for her marriage in her home town:

This is our home. Why can't we get married in our home state? Why should we have to make a trip like it's a big secret? Why can't we have our picture in the paper? You want your hometown to recognize what you're doing in your life. You want them to say “Hey, look, Bobbie got married. She married Nona.”

The hub also includes a powerful video exploring the story of one of the families. The video profiles Jessica and Chi, a devoted couple who are raising their 7-year-old daughter. The video displays the necessity to end the denial of marriage to committed, loving families like theirs.

This year, Freedom to Marry has been working to amplify and grow support for marriage and create the climate for pro-marriage court rulings across the South through our Southerners for the Freedom to Marry campaign, a robust partnership with 16 state and regional organizations committed to winning the freedom to marry.

Read more stories of families in Alabama here.