Freedom to Marry launches video celebrating Alabama marriages

Today, Freedom to Marry launched a new video celebrating the week marriages between same-sex couples began in Alabama. The video depicts the joy that same-sex couples and their families experienced when the stay on a previous ruling in Alabama was lifted and same-sex couples were able to get married.

The stay was lifted on Monday, February 9. Despite attempts to delay the freedom to marry coming to the state by Alabama Chief Justive Roy Moore, a federal judge issued an injuction on Thursday ordering the county of Mobile to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, signalling to the rest of the counties in Alabama that the state is ready for marriage. The counties that are issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couple is growing, bringing the number of counties issuing licenses to same-sex couples up to over half of the counties in Alabama -- and 75% of the population of Alabama.

Loving, committed couples in Alabama are delighted to see the freedom to marry come to their state. Finally, families like these families we profiled last week are able to participate in the rights and responsibilities that come with marriage in their home state of Alabama.

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Watch the video below: