Freedom to Marry to President Obama: Finish the job on marriage now

Today, President Obama stated in an interview with ABC News that he was “still working” on his support for marriage for gay and lesbian couples.  Below is a statement from Evan Wolfson, our Founder and President:

“The American people are waiting for President Obama to complete his journey on marriage.  A majority of Americans support the freedom to marry, but beyond that, with an election in the not-so-distant future, Gallup reports that 70% of 18-34 year olds, 69% of Democrats, and 59% of Independents believe that that loving, committed gay and lesbian couples should be able to share in marriage.  These people, a core portion of the President’s base of supporters, are looking to him for leadership in ending marriage discrimination.  This drawn out ‘evolution’ no longer feels authentic and it’s time for the President to join the majority for marriage.  Speaking out clearly in support is the right thing to do politically -- a strategic way for the President to provide leadership and inspire his base of millennial voters to go to the polls and vote.   And of course, it’s the right thing to do, period.  Mr. President, it’s time say 'I do' to support for the freedom to marry.”

In March, Freedom to Marry launched its Say “I Do” campaign urging President Obama to support the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples.  Since then, more than 117,000 Americans have signed its Open Letter to the President.

Freedom to Marry will continue to urge President Obama to support nothing less than marriage for gay and lesbian couples. Click here to add your name to our open letter to the President.