Freedom to Marry’s Summer for Marriage tour ends week one in strong fashion

We are seeing progressively stronger activity on each stop of our half of the "Summer for Marriage" tour while NOM's anemic presence persists. Our scrappy coalition of marriage equality champions continues to impress armed only with passion, truth and a shoestring budget to present what has become a formidable opposition. Evidence is mounting that putting your money where your mouth is quite different than putting your money where you mouth SHOULD be. If this is the kind of the broad and deep representation of the passion behind blocking marriage for same-sex couples, it begs the question: how is the subject of marriage even an issue anymore? It certainly bodes well for the future of the cause!

Providence, RI
In terms of hard numbers, Providence saw stronger support from equality advocates whose numbers topped 175 than their "pro-marriage restriction" counterparts. Clad in bright red shirts and draped in rainbow flags you could not miss the enthusiasm of the day's participants as captured below...


"Stand up for equality where you live, where you work and where you love," proclaimed MERI Executive Director, Kathy Kushnir.


Hey, NOM! Show us your teeth...

Albany, NY
Albany was even more of a "hey-where-is-everybody" event for supporters of marriage exclusion. A generously estimated 50 folks were in attendance. (Of particular note is that in each of these tour stops the participants appear visibly enervated. Lawn chairs do not seem to "marry well" with rallies calling for action.

As to our side we offer some great video footage below showing the lovely surroundings, agreeable weather (though very "New York July hot") and peaceful demonstrations. The live rendition of "This Land Is Your Land" coming from the NOM camp was an ironic way to bring those in attendance on both sides back to their elementary school days while juxtaposing a renewed assertion that America, and its protections, belongs to all of us. 

Upcoming events for the "Summer for Marriage" tour:

July 20th - Trenton, NJ
11:30am, Join Garden State Equality, Lambda Legal and the National Association of Social Workers-New Jersey at a special town meeting on marriage equality starring families from across New Jersey followed by lunch.

July 23 - Columbus, OH
12:00pm-1:00pm, Press Conference with elected officials.

July 24 - Lima, OH
12:00pm-1:00pm, Special guest Sue Doerfer, Equality Ohio Executive Director, will share with us Equality Ohio's vision for advancing.?

Additional events are planned through mid-August.  Stay tuned - and visit - for more details as they become available.