Fuel the fight to win marriage nationwide with this innovative new Indiegogo campaign!

This month, four awesome LGBT-owned and operated companies are sponsoring a crowd-funding campaign to raise money for Freedom to Marry, the campaign to win marriage for same-sex couples nationwide. This month, we're coming off of two huge wins at the Supreme Court - wins that have allowed great couples like Amanda and Jen (right) to marry in their home state of California and have that marriage federally respected.

Four companies - Wolfe Video, the largest exclusive distributor of LGBT films globally; Lesbian.com, an online hub dedicated to empowering the global lesbian community; oneGoodLove.com, the first online dating site specifically for gay and lesbian singles; and Sweet, an eco-friendly lesbian travel site - are donating "Thank You" gifts and experiences to contributors to this IndieGogo campaign. 


The organizations have committed some awesome rewards and "perks" for donating through IndieGogo.com. They include free streaming and download-to-wn movies from Wolfe Video, premium and VIP memberships to oneGoodLove.com, gift certificates toward premium resort vacations, and banner advertising on Lesbian.com. Don't miss the full list of rewards available HERE.   

Kathy Wolfe, CEO of Wolfe Video, spoke about the crowd-funding campaign in a video on the site (below). She said:

While to outward appearances, these four companies are very different, what we share is the core belief that social responsibility extends to commerce - that corporations and individuals should share in the same responsibility. In that spirit, we want to do our part in the effort to extend legal marriage to each and every same-sex couple who desires it. 

Freedom to Marry founder and President also appears in the video. He spoke with Kathy about the importance of the campaign, saying:

We have the momentum, we have the truth, we have the support of the American people, and we have the winning strategy. We just need to keep at it, and with your help through this new and innovative partnership we can build the resources we need to win.

The Indie Gogo campaign runs until August 5, 2013. DONATE TODAY