Gay Marylanders flocking to D.C. to exchange Vows

As reported by Scott Calvert for The Baltimore Sun:

"Proximity is not the only factor. A key impetus for Jessica Leshnoff and Holly Beatty and others was last month's opinion by Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler holding that Maryland should recognize nuptials of same-sex couples performed out-of-state. That meant a marriage in Washington would remain valid after a couple returned home.

In the emotional crucible of marriage politics, some lawmakers in Annapolis have been trying to blunt the force of the opinion, which directly impacts only state agencies but has been hailed by gay-rights advocates as a major step toward equality.

A sense that the issue is far from settled - reinforced by the rejection of marriage equality by voters in Maine and California - was another reason Leshnoff and Beatty wasted no time making their union legal."

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