Gays and the census: an honest view of American families

An Op-Ed post by the editorial board of The Seattle Times:

"Social change usually occurs in incremental steps, and this week — census week — offers encouraging word that gay and lesbian couples who share a home can describe themselves on the forms as husbands or wives.

"It is a small step. Individuals do not write down the words gay or lesbian to be counted specifically that way, but years ago, few would have imagined a homosexual couple able to define themselves as husbands or wives. Clearly, such status on the census form does not convey full federal recognition of the freedom to marry, nor does it give gay and lesbian couples the same rights as heterosexual couples.

"But it does mark the first time in the 220-year-history of the decennial count that gay and lesbian couples can use a census form to describe in more honest terms how they view their families.

"This editorial page supports marriage equality with all the rights, fairness and equity heterosexual couples enjoy."

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