Get ‘Cloudburst’ on DVD for donating to Freedom to Marry

This week, Freedom to marry is partnering with Wolfe Video in sharing the story of Dot and Stella, the couple at the forefront of Cloudburst, a new movie that has already racked up 36 awards on the film festival circuit. 

Cloudburst tells the story of Dot and Stella, two women who have been committed to each other for 31 years. When Dot's granddaughter decides to move her into a nursing home, Dot and Stella's life together is put at risk and they do what it takes to stay together: They flee on a road trip to Nova Scotia, where they're able to legally marry each other. 

The cross-country road trip film captures the all-too-common struggle of same-sex couples in the United States who must go to great lengths to have their loving relationships legally respected. This is the kind of story that inspires Freedom to Marry's goal: to ensure that every person has the opportunity to marry the person they love.

The first 100 people to donate $100 or more to Freedom to Marry HERE will receive the award-winning Cloudburst on DVD.

Check out the trailer below. 

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