Getting on Board for Marriage in New York

Buses left New York City for Albany early this morning filled will marriage supporters who want to make their voices heard. Freedom to Marry worked with Marriage Equality New York to build participation in today's event.

Posted by Alison Bowen on

"Same-sex marriage activists are hoping 2011 is their year. More than 300 New Yorkers headed to Albany today to lobby for gay marriage on Marriage Equality Day.

??"Dean Dafis, city chapter leader for Marriage Equality New York, said this year feels different — Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s promised to tackle the issue in 2011, and a state senator pledged to introduce a bill.

"'We feel like we’re going up there with really good momentum,' he told Metro. 'We’ve never had that kind of unequivocal, explicit commitment before.'??

"About 110 people met at 4:30 a.m. to take buses from Manhattan and Brooklyn.

"In all, the group is bringing more than 300 people — up from last year’s 200.

... "State Sen. Tom Duane’s promised a bill 'within weeks,' and his spokesman confirmed to Metro yesterday that they’re still working on legislation.??'I think we’re getting really, really close,' said Dafis."

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