Governor Lingle continues to weigh impact of civil unions in Hawaii

As reported by Gina Mangieri on

"The governor wants to hear from both sides before she makes a decision on civil unions -- and she held the first of two private meetings on Monday.

"She's talking to people both for and against the measure that would extend the same rights as marriage to same-sex couples. ..."Recently the governor shared the factors she'll be considering as she weighs whether to veto, sign or let the measure become law without her signature.

"'How the economy, the fiscal situation of the government would be affected.  What programs would we now have to expand to cover a lot more people, for instance, what would the economic impact be,' asked Governor Linda Lingle.

"To that end proponents released a University of Hawaii economic analysis that said: 'The legalization of civil unions in Hawaii will have only a very minimal impact on any aspect of Hawaii's economy and state government operations.  There is also no evidence that the legalization of the freedom to marry has adversely affected tourism arrivals to other states with similar laws.  The law could even invite more tourism.'" 

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