Governor Lynch pledges to veto marriage repeal bill in NH

At his state-of-the-state address today in Concord, New Hampshire's Governor John Lynch reiterated that he will veto legislation to repeal marriage for same-sex couples. Governor Lynch signed the freedom to marry into law in 2009 and has since been vocal in his opposition to attempts in the legislature to repeal the state's marriage law- a law that has the support of 62% of voters in New Hampshire.

Watch his speech here, courtesy of Think Progress:


We join our coalition partners in thinking the Governor for standing with the supermajority of Granite Staters who want lawmakers to end this senseless attack on New Hampshire families. In an Edge on the Net article published earlier today, Our National Campaign Director Marc Solomon commented, ""Governor Lynch is once again showing his leadership and commitment to the core New Hampshire value--and state motto--’live free or die,’"

The New Hampshire House will soon vote on HB 437, the bill that would repeal marriage for gay and lesbian couples. Freedom to Marry is proud to support the incredible work of Standing Up for NH Families, a bipartisan group of citizens, business owners, people of faith, and civic leaders who are working to defeat this anti-family legislation.

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