Governor to decide fate of civil unions bill tuesday

Posted by Denby Fawcett on

"The civil unions bill is to give same sex and heterosexual couples all the benefits of marriage under Hawaii law.

"Gov. Linda Lingle (R) was in Monday's July Fourth celebration parade in Kailua, but she wouldn't tell reporters what she plans to do about civil unions...only that it has been a very difficult decision.

"'I really thought about this more than I have thought about any other piece of legislation,' said Lingle. 'It is a subject that has really touched the hearts and minds of everyone in Hawaii.'

"Tambry Young and Suzanne King were in Monday's parade marching with Kauai Sen. Gary Hooser (D), a civil union supporter. Young and King have been together for 29 years and they are raising a young daughter.

"'We are hoping the governor is going to be there to support equality and the civil unions bill which really supports all families in Hawaii,' said Young.

"King said,'It's a bipartisan issue. There is support on both sides. It's a good bill. It is the right thing to do.'"

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