Guest opinion: Thank you, Iowa, for the wonderful wedding gift

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"As we approach the first anniversary of the Iowa Supreme Court's unanimous April 3, 2009, decision legalizing same-sex marriage - and the sixth-month anniversary of our own marriage - our thoughts of the entire experience are feelings of joy and gratitude. We have been overwhelmed by the responses and support of so many friends, as well as those of people we met for the first time. Not a single person has expressed any reservation about our desire to become legally married.

"Our wedding last September was joyful, as family and friends gathered from both coasts and many places in between to celebrate with us. We wanted to have a wedding that expressed both our commitment to civil marriage equality and our religious faith, as we are active in and supported by our respective churches. What we didn't expect was the continuing excitement we experienced afterward from acquaintances who had learned that we'd been part of the lawsuit here in Iowa for marriage equality, and that we'd recently been able to be married.

"It has been an extremely humbling experience to have been a part of this historic advancement for civil rights for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Iowans. Neither of us has ever been activists for any cause, having gone about our daily lives as productive, responsible citizens. To finally have the right to marry the person we love is incredibly meaningful to us."

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