Happy Halloween from Freedom to Marry supporters!

This week, we asked supporters of the freedom to marry to share their favorite Halloween costumes with us! We got some great entries from our supporters - and we thank everyone for submitting! If you'd still like to submit yours, show us your photos HERE! Here are some of our favorites:

Natasha Pollard and her family in Allentown, Pennsylvania, are dressing up this Halloween as a big happy zombie family!

Jordan Small from Denham Springs, Louisiana planned a family costume with her partner and their child. Jordan wrote to us, "We all wanted to coordinate while we still can before our daughter is old enough to decide what she wants to be by herself."

Alex Harrity from Oak Creek, Wisconsin is dressing up this year as Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood and Doctor Who. She explained her costume choice: "One of the reasons I love Jack is he is so comfortable with himself and his sexuality."

Tangy Seaboy from Annandale, Minnesota sent us this photo of their 11-year-old niece, who dressed up as a "Vote No" ally, a nod to the historic campaign to defeat an anti-marriage costitutional amendment mounted last fall by Minnesotans United for All Families. Tangy wrote, "My niece is amazing. She chose this costume on her own and got a lot of attention. She has always been an avid supporter and amazing ally."

Gretchen Wilson-Martin and her partner Michelle submitted this family photo - the couple actually runs their own old-time photography studio in Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. Gretchen wrote, "It's our daughter's first Halloween - she was born on October 1st - and she is our 'treasure.' My partner, Michelle and I had a commitment ceremony in 2006 in New Orleans, in the Marigny neighborhood. We just competed the adoption of our daughter who we named Marigny."

Susan and Shannon McSpadden, who shared the story of promising their commitment to each other in Kansas City, MO last year, submitted this picture of their children, Georgia and Davis. Shannon wrote, "Georgia loves spiders because I am terrified of them, so naturally she chose to be Spider Girl for Halloween. Davis is a pirate so he and his bird, Polly, can steal all of Georgia's loot."

Jenn and Christina, who shared their story with us about getting engaged in Connecticut and preparing to tie the knot in New Hampshire next May, dressed up as zombies for their engagement photoshoot. Jenn loves zombie movies and Halloween in general, so she explained, "I figured I would incorporate our undying love for each other in our engagement shoot." (Photography by Little Fang Photo)

Thanks to everyone who submitted their costumes! If you'd like to show us how you're celebrating Halloween this year, you can submit your story and photos HERE