Hawaii civil unions would have little economic impact, study finds

As reported by Mary Adamski for the Honolulu Star Bulletin:

"Tourism and other businesses might benefit by about $7 million a year, but legalizing civil unions would otherwise have a minimal economic impact in the state, according to two University of Hawaii researchers.

"Passage of a civil union measure is unlikely to cause a substantial increase in health insurance expenditures or in state tax revenues, said the study on "The Impact of Civil Unions on Hawaii's Economy and Government," released yesterday.

"'A reasonable expectation from the experience of other states enacting civil unions is that the state of Hawaii's adjustment to the passage of civil unions legislation will be smooth and cost little,' was the conclusion of economics professor Sumner La Croix and Kimberly Burnett, assistant specialist with the Hawaii Economic Research Organization.

... "Hawaii governor, Linda Lingle, is weighing whether to approve the bill, veto it or let it pass without her signature."

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