Hawaii governor to decide on civil unions

As reported by Mark Niesse of the Associated Press:


"Whether civil unions for same-sex couples become legal in Hawaii is now up to Republican Gov. Linda Lingle, whose office was flooded Friday with phone calls and e-mails from gay rights and religious groups after the bill won approval in the waning moments of the legislative session.

"Lingle has long avoided saying whether she would veto the measure or allow it to become law. She has until July 6 to make a decision.

"The governor was unavailable for comment Friday as she was scheduled to return from a trip to California, but her office reported a high volume of calls pouring in from both opponents and supporters of the legislation.

..."Civil union backers will send handwritten letters and postcards to Lingle in addition to e-mails and phone calls asking her to approve the legislation, said Tony Wagner, Western Regional Field Director for the Human Rights Campaign.

"'It's going to be important to keep up the pressure on the governor in order to demonstrate that there is support for this bill and for treating all families equally,' Wagner said."

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