Hawaii Senate approves the freedom to marry; bill moves to House

Today, October 30, the Hawaii Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bill that would extend the freedom to marry to same-sex couples in Hawaii. The Senate voted 20-4 in favor of the freedom to marry. Now, the bill will be placed before the House, beginning tomorrow morning at 10am Hawaii time, where loving same-sex couples and others who support marriage will testify in support of the bill. A vote on the marriage bill is expected in the House next week. 

Jacce Mikulanec, board member of the Japanese American Citizens League and a founding member of Hawaii United for Marriage, the statewide coalition working to win marriage for same-sex couples, celebrated the win today. He said:

Today our state took another huge step forward toward justice and equality. And with this vote, we remain cautiously optimistic that Hawaii will soon align with those who believe that the freedom to marry is consistent with our most cherished value of aloha.

It's a big week for the freedom to marry in Hawaii. HI Governor Neil Abercrombie has convened a Special Session for the purpose of passing the marriage bill that gained momentum earlier this year. Marriage supporters across the state, led by Hawaii United for Marriage, have been working hard to show legislators in Hawaii that it's time for marriage.