Help combat NOM’s new secret two million dollar donation

This week, the so-called National Organization for Marriage announced that an anonymous donor has pledged two million dollars to support NOM's anti-gay efforts to defeat marriage at the ballot in four key battleground states on November 6.

The email NOM sent to its supporters reads:

This new $2 million matching grant challenge will help us compete even more effectively with Obama's billionaire gay marriage activists and wealthy Hollywood celebrities who are determined to impose homosexual marriage as the law of the land.

Every dollar that NOM raises through this matching grant challenge will surely go toward demonizing gay families and furthering its lies that have proven to scare undecided voters into voting against the freedom to marry. NOM has never played by campaign finance rules, but this secret two million dollar donor is low even for them. 

We're close to making history by winning marriage at the ballot - and when we do, we'll take away NOM's last desperate talking point. We need to push back against NOM's so-called "Million Dollar Match for Marriage" in order to truly harness our movement's incredible momentum and prove that our majority support for the freedom to marry translates into votes. 

NOM may be using secret donors to attack gay families and demonize same-sex couples, but we're prouder than ever to say that supporters like you are how we'll secure our first-ever marriage victories at the ballot on November 6.

Help us push back against our opposition by donating to the Win More States Fund today. Every dollar raised through the fund will be strategically channeled into the ballot campaigns.

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