How anti-marriage amendments keep America in the past

Posted by Online Content Manager, Josh Bell:

"A new report by theHuman Rights Campaign shows that marriage opponents were really thinking ahead when they got their marriage-banning amendments into state constitutions.That's because they realized they were on the wrong side of the trend in Americans' beliefs about the freedom to marry.

"Just six years ago, no state had a majority of people supporting the marriage of gay couples. But today, at least 17 states have majority support for marriage – and those numbers continue to grow with each newpoll that comes out. But now, in five states with anti-marriage amendments – Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, and California – 50% or more of residents think gay couples should be allowed to get married. The amendments, of course, make it much harder to make marriage a reality. But that doesn't mean it's not worth trying – in those places and nationwide."