Video: Iowa Democratic Chair urges lawmakers not to be distracted by marriage ban

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"Retaining the jobs we have and creating new ones, that's what Iowa's Democratic Chair says the state's lawmakers should be focusing on, not banning marriage equality.

"Although she says House Republicans have a right to bring up any issue they want, Sue Dvorsky supports Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal's attempts to block debate on the issue.  Gronstal [right], a Council Bluffs Democrat, says he's willing to accept the reality that his decision could cost him his seat in the Legislature.   He says banning marriage equality is a basic denial of rights.

"'He is right, we will back him on that, and I think many many Iowans will back him on that.  I recognize that we just came out of a very difficult election cycle, but I would caution my friends on the other side not to over learn that lesson,' said Dvorsky.  

"Dvorsky says she disagrees with some lawmakers who say last November's decision to oust three Iowa Supreme Court justices over their freedom to marry ruling was a signal that voters want a say on the issue.

"On Monday, the Iowa House Judiciary Committee voted to put the matter of marriage being between a man and a woman, on the ballot.  The full house is expected to take up the matter next week."

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