John Corvino to debate Maggie Gallagher in live-streamed event

Tonight, philosopher and prominent gay advocate John Corvino will debate Maggie Gallagher of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage. The moderated discussion lines up with the new release of their point/counterpoint-style book, Debating Same-Sex Marriage, which was released last week. The book aims to helps readers explore what marriage is for, why the government sanctions it, and how marriage for same-sex couples affects children's welfare, religious communities, and our societal understanding of why marriage matters.
Late last month, Freedom to Marry featured excerpts from Corvino's sections of Debating Same-Sex Marriage. Read sections of Corvino's chapters on "What Marriage Is" and the benefits the freedom to marry would bring to children.
The debate wil begin at 6 p.m. tonight at the Institute for American Values in New York City. It will be moderated by David Blankehorn, the founder of the Institute for American Values and the author of The Future of Marriage. The discussion will also be live-streamed at the Center for Public Conversation, available here.