Katrina’s aftermath, same-sex couples will be hit the hardest

El Observador
September 12, 2005
The devastation and suffering already caused by hurricane Katrina is just the beginning of what's to come for those who have lost their homes. Many will have to rebuild their lives from scratch, with those in the gay and lesbian communites having the greatest difficulty. The lack of government protection and support to gays due to their denial of marriage, will result in the lack of any goverment aid to same-sex couples and their families. Many will not be able to make medical decisions, if needed, have no right to insurance monies, and no guarantee of inheritance to start over with in the tragedy of losing their loved one. In addition, children are the ultimate victims as they will have no choice but to face the undue burdens and challenges ahead as a result of the government's refusal to help and protect their families under the same law as their neighbors. [Link]