Letter to Editor: Get involved to protect our rights and freedom

Posted by Dick Desrosiers on seacoastonline.com:

"Uncontrolled spending, rising taxes, skyrocketing debt and budget deficit; these were the hue and cry of the Republican Party in this past election to defeat the Party of the People.

"You would think that the first priority of the Republican Legislature would be to tackle the budget and cut spending. According to Beth Olshansky in her totally accurate letter to the editor on Dec. 15, the majority of the more than 900 recent New Hampshire bills that have been filed deal with non-budgetary issues. They deal with social issues, which, when repealed, will negatively impact the rights and freedoms of the people of New Hampshire.

"All men and women are created equal in the eyes of God. To deny any two people the right to love each other and prove that love through marriage is a violation of their rights. Repeal of marriage equality denies the right of gay persons to 'Live Free or Die.' ...

... "I urge all to call your representatives and senators and ask them to act in a way that is responsible."

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