Letter to Editor: MN Catholic vows to send back Bishops’ anti-marriage DVD

Posted on startribune.com:

"I am deeply disappointed by the decision of the Minnesota bishops to send out DVDs to the Catholic faithful regarding the issue of the freedom to marry ("Catholics to get DVDs opposing marriage equality," Sept. 22).

... "As a faithful Catholic, I am calling the bishops to a higher standard in fulfilling their role as leaders of the church. ...

"Where are the DVDs that educate on issues like welcoming the stranger among us, or taking care of the 'least of these?' You know, things Jesus actually talked about? Sure, there are plenty of good resources on those issues out there, but it does seem curious that those aren't being mailed into people's homes a few weeks before the election.

"Evidently, this DVD mailing is being paid for by a private donation. I think it is fair to ask exactly who made this donation, so that questions of what political agenda is being pushed can be addressed.

"I would also like to make an additional request of the bishops: Please do not send this DVD to my home. Instead, take that money and donate it to something that actually benefits the most vulnerable in society. And if you do go ahead and send it to me, please do not be surprised to receive it back in a few days marked 'return to sender.'"

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