LISTEN: New ‘She Keeps Me Warm’ from Mary Lambert extends the ‘Same Love’ story

Today, Tuesday, July 30, singer-songwriter Mary Lambert released a new song, "She Keeps Me Warm," designed as an extension of "Same Love," the platinum-certified song that Mary Lambert collaborated on with fellow Seattle-based musicians Macklemore & Ryan Lewis this year. "Same Love," which has seen record radio play this month in the wake of the Supreme Court rulings on the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8, has been celebrated as an anthem for the marriage movement - a pop cultural breakthrough of the message that all love is equal. 

The new song builds on the chorus of "Same Love" - I can't change, even if I tried. Even if I wanted to - my love, my love, she keeps me warm. It also tells more of the story, tracking a beautiful love story between two women. Mary Lambert is the sole writer on this new song - and she'll be debuting a video companion for "She Keeps Me Warm" in mid-August. 

The song has been a hugely important step forward for Mary Lambert, who is also a skilled spoken word artist. On her website, she discussed the emotional work behind writing the "Same Love" hook. 

This was the song that was so important, my God. I wanted to write a chorus that was poignant and honest; genuine. I really tried to not be gay at points in my life, but I was (and am) at a point where I refuse to apologize about my identity. I am not sorry about my gayness. I am not sorry I’m a Christian, either, though that’s far less persecuted than my gayness, which is ironically, instigated by the Christian community. “Not crying on Sundays” was a huge lyric for me to write. I cried and cried in church for a year, believing that I was going to Hell, trying to reconcile “the demons”. At some point, it became absurd.

You can buy "She Keeps Me Warm" on iTunes today! And listen to it below on Soundcloud.