LIVE BLOG: Election Results 2010

UPDATE 9:30pm EST by Cameron 

Governor's races are certainly panning out well for supporters of marriage equality. Martin O'Malley, who has vowed to sign marriage equality into law, won re-election in Maryland! Prospects are looking good for winning marriage in Maryland, and we're excited to work with our state partners to make it a reality in 2011!

UPDATE 9:10pm EST by Megan

It's a good night for pro-equality New Yorkers! Democrat Andrew Cuomo, who has been outspoken in his support of the freedom to marry, easily defeated the anti-gay Republican Paladino and will be New York's next Governor.  Cuomo's victory paves the way for marriage in New York, just months after the Senate voted down a bill that would have extended the freedom to marry to all couples in the state. Of course, marriage in New York still hinges on the results of several key state house and Senate races. We'll keep you up to date as those results come in. But for now, let's hear it for New York!

UPDATE  8:25pm EST by Cameron

Good news already... MSNBC is projecting that John Lynch has been re-elected as New Hampshire's governor! Lynch signed marriage equality into law in 2009 and has been under attack by the National Organization for Marriage. NOM has spent THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars in an attempt to get Lynch out of office. In fact, of all the states NOM had its hand in during this election (and they've gotten around), New Hampshire is the only race they've been working on since early last Spring. This is a huge loss for NOM, and more importantly, a great win for a pro-equality governor!


UPDATE 8:02pm EST by Cameron

It’s now 8:00 EST, and voting just ended in quote a few states. Don’t forget that as the numbers come in, our team will be posting live updates and analysis on this post! Here’s a look at a few of the key races that we’re keeping our eyes on:

  • The National Organization for Marriage has been channeling hundreds of thousands of dollars into New Hampshire’s gubernatorial race in support of anti-equality Republican candidate John Stephen.  NOM has purchased airtime and (possibly illegal) robocalls all in an attempt to oust incumbent Democrat John Lynch, who signed marriage equality into law last year.  The results should start coming in soon, and we’ll keep you updated on how it’s looking for Lynch.
  • In Vermont, Democrat Peter Shumlin is in a tight race for Governor against Republican Brian Dubie. As president of the State Senate, Shumlin was a champion for marriage equality when the state enacted it in 2009. And has promised to carry his commitment to equality with him to the governor’s office if elected.  But thankfully, Dubie isn’t running as an anti-gay candidate. When asked if he would repeal the state’s marriage equality law, Dubie said, “It’s the law. It’s passed. My agenda is really looking forward. I will say as governor I will ensure that all families and all children and all Vermonters are treated with respect and dignity. Period.”
  • In Illinois, pro-marriage Democrat Alexi Giannoulias is in a head-to-head race for Senate against anti-equality Repbulican Mark Kirk. Giannoulias, who is currently the state’s treasurer, was featured as one of Freedom to Marry’s Political Voices for Equality and has committed to joining us in the fight to repeal the so-called Defense of Marriage Act if he is elected.   Kirk, who has served five terms in Congress, is opposed to the freedom to marry but supports civil unions.
  • In Maine, pro-marriage Governor John Baldacci retirement has created quite the tumultuous race for his replacement.  After last year’s passage of Question 1, which overturned the freedom to marry in Maine, electing a pro-marriage Governor is truly crucial.  The Democratic candidate, State Senator Libby Mitchell, has been outspoken for marriage in the past and has vowed to continue to work to achieve marriage if elected. Independent candidate Eliot Cutler has also expressed his support for marriage, saying that he will sign a marriage equality bill. Republican Paul LePage, on the other hand, has stated his vehement opposition to marriage and would veto any pro-marriage legislation. 
  • Maryland is another key state with a critical gubernatorial race.  Pro-marriage incumbent Democrat Martin O'Malley faces anti-gay Republican Bob Ehrlich.  NOM has targeted O'Malley with anti-gay fliers, but the race is leaning Democrat.  Results will start rolling in soon!

Numbers should start pouring in soon, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the results and what they mean for the freedom to marry. Keep checking in with us! We’ll also be sure to update you via twitter(@freedomtomarry) and Facebook


UPDATE: 1:18pm EST by Cameron 

For the first time in years, there is no statewide attack seeking to ban or overturn marriage on the ballots Nov. 2, but that doesn't mean that we can't cast votes in favor of the freedom to marry. Here's a snapshot of what's at stake for the freedom to marry on Election Day next Tuesday: 

  • In Iowa, voters are being pressed to unseat three Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of the freedom to marry.

  • Close gubernatorial races will help determine whether the freedom to marry becomes a reality in states such as California, Rhode Island, Maine, and Minnesota as soon as 2011.

  • The election will determine the membership and leadership of legislative bodies in states like Maryland and New York that could vote on marriage in the next year.

  • And the makeup of Congress will have huge implications for overturning the so-called "Defense of Marriage Act."
Our team (Michael, Regina, Thalia, Terrell, Megan and I) will be updating this post regularly with results and analysis from these races and more as the numbers start rolling in tonight. Stay tuned!