Log Cabin Republicans join New Yorkers United for Marriage

By Joe Girton, Freedom to Marry's New Media Intern 
Yesterday, the NY Log Cabin Republicans, NY’s leading conservative LGBT rights group, joined the newly formed New Yorkers United for Marriage. The coalition, which includes Empire State Pride Agenda, Freedom to Marry, Human Rights Campaign, and Marriage Equality New York, was launched on Wednesday.

The first politically oriented group to join the coalition, NY-LCR’s support marks a landmark step in the push to pass a freedom to marry bill in New York this legislative session. Why? Even with the support of 26 Democratic state senators, the bill still needs 6 more senators to reach the majority backing it needs to pass. The support of the Log Cabin Republicans will be instrumental in securing bipartisan cooperation to end marriage discrimination once and for all in the Empire State.

The bill already has strong support from Governor Andrew Cuomo and a growing majority of New Yorkers.

That’s why the Log Cabin Republicans’ support is so crucial: it sends the message to conservative legislators that marriage isn’t a partisan issue. Gregory T. Angelo, chairman of the group, drove home that point in a statement: “Marriage is not a progressive or conservative issue. It’s an issue of equal rights for taxpaying citizens of this state.”

Join Freedom to Marry, the Log Cabin Republicans, a growing number of other organizations, and a majority of New Yorkers in supporting marriage. 

Contact your legislators in support of the marriage bill today: http://www.freedomtomarry.org/page/speakout/NewYorkMarriage