Maine Diocese penalizes Homeless Aid Group for supporting Marriage Equality

As reported by Tom Bell for the Portland Press Herald:

"Officials with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland and the Washington-based Catholic Campaign for Human Development say that Preble Street violated its grant agreement by supporting Maine's "No on 1" campaign last fall.

"Catholics for Marriage Equality has begun an effort to replace the lost funding by raising $17,400 for Homeless Voices for Justice. Anne Underwood, a co-founder of the group that advocates for the freedom to marry, said Bishop Richard Malone is punishing the homeless because of politics. 'This is petty vindictiveness,' she said. 'After the election is over, suddenly the money is revoked from poor people because of a political opinion held by the bishop.'

"Underwood said that many Catholics in Maine will now think twice before donating money to the church to help fight poverty. 'People who are homeless should not be used in political games,' she said."

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