Mainers rally in support of the Yes on 1 campaign

Last night, Mainers United for Marriage held the final "Yes on 1" rally of the campaign. With only days remaining until the polls close on Tuesday, over 300 supporters of the freedom to marry gathered in Monument Square in Portland to show their support of Yes on 1 and commit to taking action in the final days of the campaign to ensure that Maine becomes the first state to win marriage for same-sex couples at the ballot.

The energy in the crowd was truly incredible from the start. When Ali Vander Zanden, the Coalition Director for Mainers United for Marriage, kicked off the rally by asking the crowd if they were ready to Vote Yes on 1, the overwhelming "YES!" cheer could be heard all over downtown Portland.

Several leaders from the 200+ member coalition spoke throughout the rally, including Freedom to Marry's Shawn Werner, our Director of Political Operations. Shawn told the crowd that Freedom to Marry is proud to have been a founder of the Mainers United for Marriage coalition and that we are deeply committed to winning in Maine next Tuesday.

Matt McTighe, the campaign manager for Mainers United, closed out the night by urging each and every supporter to get involved and help get out the vote in the last few days of the campaign, saying, "We have to take advantage of every minute. We have to keep talking to our neighbors."

Young and old, gay and straight - it's clear that Mainers from all regions of the state, from all different walks of life are uniting to help secure a historic victory next Tuesday.

Mainers United will be getting out the vote statewide until the polls close Tuesday night. Polls open in less than four days, and if you're in Maine, we need your help to ensure that every supporter of the freedom to marry makes it to the polls to vote Yes on 1. There are more than 60 GOTV events this weekend - click here to sign up for GOTV shifts at a campaign office near you.

4 days! Let's win this, Maine!