Mainers United for Marriage launches ‘Yes on 1’ campaign

Today, Mainers United for Marriage, a coalition of Maine organizations working to end the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage, officially launched the Yes on 1 campaign, the next phase in the state's historic push to proactively approve the freedom to marry at the ballot. 

The launch will be signaled later today with a kick-off rally at Portland City Hall, where marriage supporters will gather to gear up for the last eight weeks before the November 6 election. The ballot measure to approve the freedom to marry is officially titled "Question 1," and the language - which calls for civil marriage for same-sex couples - has been officially approved. A "yes" vote is a vote to allow marriage licenses for all loving and committed same-sex couples in Maine while also protecting religious freedom. 

Mainers United campaign manager Matt McTighe hyped up the rally and the launch of the next phase of the campaign in a release last week. He said: 

We're expecting a big crowd as we kick off the fall campaign with a 'Yes on 1' rally. Momentum continues to grow. Our coalition has topped more than 100 partners, we have support from more than 75 Maine congregations, and more than 400 faith and lay leaders have endorsed our campaign. And our volunteers and supporters have had more than 160,000 one-on-one conversations with Maine voters, talking about why marriage matters to all loving and committed couples.

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