Make sure your friends in ME, MD, MN and WA are registered to vote!

Election Day is approaching fast: There are fewer than 28 days until November 6, when voters in four states - Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington - will vote on marriage-related ballot initiatives.

All of the volunteer hours and donations in the world mean very little unless people who support the freedom to marry come out and actually vote to in favor of same-sex couples at the ballot. 

The voter registration deadlines and procedures are a little bit different in each state. Here's the breakdown:

Maine: There is no deadline for voters registering in Maine - you can register on November 6 right when you show up in person to vote, if you'd like. But Mainers across the state can begin voting early as soon as next week with the in-person absentee ballot procedure. If you'd prefer to register to vote by mail or through a voter registration drive, the cut-off date is Tuesday, October 16. Supporters of the freedom to marry should vote YES on QUESTION 1 at the ballot. 

Maryland: Next Monday is the last day to register to vote in Maryland. If you have a Maryland driver's license or state ID, click here to register. If not, you can still register to vote by cliking here. Supporters of the freedom to marry should vote FOR QUESTION 6 at the ballot. 

Minnesota: Next Monday is the last day to register to vote in Minnesota - although voters can still register on Election Day at their polling place. Be sure that you're registered to vote by going to this site and filling out your information. Then, you'll receive your forms in the mail with all of your information already filled out. Just mail these to the Secretary of State's office by next Monday, October 16, and you'll be set. Supporters of the freedom to marry should vote NO on the proposed constitutional amendment. 

Washington: The voter registration deadline has passed in Washington. Now, registered voters can vote as early as October 19 in the all-mail voting system. Supporters of the freedom to marry should vote to APPROVE REFERENDUM 74 to uphold marriage for same-sex couples. 

This is an important election for the freedom to marry, and every vote counts. We can make history by winning one or more of these state campaigns and defeating our opponents' last desperate talking point: That we can't win marriage at the ballot.  

Millions of people in these four states will be voting on marriage, and you'll want to make sure to make your voice heard! Read more about all four ballot campaigns HERE, and remember to vote!