Marc Jacobs president to marry: Here come the grooms

As reported by Bridget Foley in Women's Wear Daily:

"On Tuesday evening, Marc Jacobs president Robert Duffy will marry Alex Cespedes in Provincetown, Mass., where Duffy has a house and the company, a store. And where the freedom to marry is legal. 

“ 'We have been living our life together and sort of making steps towards this,' Duffy said.

"Cespedes first broached the subject of marriage several months ago, triggering some self-examination on Duffy’s part. 'I’ve always fought for equal rights for gay people. I’ve always done fund-raisers, and I’ve always been out there politically for it,' he said. 'It’s just something that I never really thought about [personally]. And then I realized I actually can do this. I actually can be legally married. In the state of Massachusetts I can have the same rights as everybody else. I’ve always had a house there. I spent summers there as a kid, and I always considered Massachusetts sort of like my home. All of a sudden, everything started making sense to me. And I knew it was something really important to Alex.'

"The ceremony, which Cespedes prefers to occur outside, weather permitting, will be performed by a Unitarian minister. Marc Jacobs will serve as Duffy’s best man, and longtime friend Mauricio Ledesma, as Cespedes’."

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