Marriage supporters give words of thanks to plaintiffs in Alabama case

On Monday, March 2, a federal judge postponed the hearing on an adoption petition in a marriage case in Alabama.

The plaintiffs in the case, filed by private attorneys, are Cari Searcy and Kimberly McKeand from Mobile, Alabama. The women have been together for more than 14 years. They got married in California in 2008. Together, they are raising a young son, Khaya, who was born in 2005. Since Alabama does not respect the couple as married, Searcy, the non-biological bother, is not allowed to legally adopt her own son.

In anticipation of this hearing, marriage supporters from across the country wrote in to Freedom to Marry to share their support for the family, and explain why marriage matters to them.

"I'm originally from Mobile, and I'm so proud of you guys and happy that you're brave enough to take on this fight. I'm with you all the way!" -- Christine Cox • South Bend, IN

"Love wins. Good job Cari and Kim!" -- Marguerite Dukes • Mobile, AL

"Stay strong, ladies! You have brought this state a long way. Keep up the great work. Wish you the best. Because of you my fiancée can get married in Alabama now. I proposed February 6th. You've helped a lot of us. Thank you!" -- Sherry Kimble • Nauvoo, AL

"I love you and your family. Your story has been one of inspiration and hope for many. Now it's time to lean on your community. I'm proud to call you friends." -- Renee MacLennan • Mobile, AL

"Our prayers are with you guys!" -- Vicki Jones • Montevallo, AL

"Best wishes and best of luck in your fight!" -- Gerrald Gantt • Fairfax, VA

"Don't give up! You have come this far, and with help, you can go a lot farther! Keep your hopes high an your head higher! Love and support from KY." -- Alyssa Bevins • Martin, KY

"Have patience, love will overcome all the barriers. Love is the language of God." -- Shuvonil Nag • San Antonio, TX

"I'm an adoptive mom. Wishing you and your family a speedy resolution!" Dianna Shaw • Tuscaloosa, AL

"Praying everything works out for the best." -- William McCrory • Birmingham, AL

"Thank you so much Cari and Kim for gift for freedom for all of us here in Alabama. Because of all that you've done, my partner Aimee and I are able to plan our wedding for this summer right here in our home state! After we are married we will be able to move forward with a second parent adoption of our daughter, Sophie. Thanks again for fighting for us and all of the other wonderful families in Alabama, y'all are awesome!" -- Melinda Bartlett • Hoover, AL

"So sorry you are having to go through this. On behalf of all of us who believe in love and those who deserve to have equal rights, thank you for being so brave and tenacious. I have many friends I already stand with and behind. I am proud to support your entire family as you push our state to do what is right." -- Dana Pledger • Spanish Fort, AL

"I do not understand why anyone would be so cruel and heartless to stop this adoption. I pray that soon your son will legally have the ability to say, 'Here are my moms.'" -- Kathleen Judy • St Petersburg, FL

"Thanks! Keep up the fight." -- Rev. Bob Roseman • Fort Bragg, CA

"I'm in west Tennessee, but I wanted to send you my best wishes for a successful end to this battle with the small minded judge in Alabama. Never give up, ladies. Your adorable son deserves to have the life you planned for him. May God bless you all." -- Pamela Poor • Oakland, TN

"I support you 100%!" -- Paula Gaubatz • Plano, TX

"Thanks for your courage. You are bringing hope to lots of families!" -- David Haws • Montevallo, AL

"A family is defined by love, and Caring and Kim would be a great family for any child." -- Gaile Brown • Columbia, SC

"Sending you strength and support from Washington state. Wishing your family success." -- Elizabeth Andrew • Port Orchard, WA

"Thank you for your courage, your resilience, your love for one another and your beautiful son, and your fight for justice. Don't back down, don't give up, read this message and the others you will receive from around the nation and know that you have a nation-wide network of love and support around you -- we are praying for you, pulling for you, fighting in a million tiny ways alongside you. You are not alone. Love will win.
I know there may be moments where you feel your dignity as human beings is being assaulted, when you feel alone, when you feel afraid, when you feel tired, when you feel hopeless. Know that your dignity is unassailable, you are not alone, you need not be afraid. Let yourselves breathe and cry and kiss one another and hug that beautiful young man who WILL soon be as legally both of yours as he is now for all other intents and purposes, yours. Be restored to hope and boundless energy because this fight would not be where it is without you and we are all sending you love and light." -- Lauren Fontaine • Cedar Falls, IA

"Don't give up! So many people are behind you. You deserve to be happy and it's a tremendous good that you're doing!" -- Mathew Patalano • Brooklyn, NY

"Go Cari and Kim go! Rock on! We got your back sincerely! Let's really make history!" -- Christopher Gagliardi • Englewood, NJ