Marriage Supporters Pack New Hampshire Hearing

Today’s hearing on the two bills that would eliminate the freedom to marry in New Hampshire is underway. We’re doing great. We are outnumbering our opponents by about 500 to 30 — the sea of red in the below photo are our supporters packing the room in the State House, which is now filled to capacity. Maggie Gallagher from the National Organization for Marriage just spoke, and sounds like she didn’t wow the crowd or the lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee who heard the testimony.


On our side, Craig Stowell, a conservative ex-marine with a gay brother whose story ran in a full-page ad in the Manchester Union-Leader and has captured the attention of Granite Staters of all stripes, did a fantastic job testifying before the committee (see the ad here).  And respected civic leader Lew Feldstein, the new co-chair of the campaign to defend the freedom to marry, Standing Up for New Hampshire Families, impressed the committee as well.  So far, so good!