Mayor of Knoxville, TN supports marriage, fueling momentum in Tennessee

Today, Knoxville mayor Madeline Rogero joined Mayors for the Freedom to Marry, a broad-based, nonpartisan coalition of nearly 500 mayors who are speaking up for why marriage matters for same-sex couples in their communities. Her support comes in the same week that Mayor Karl Dean of Nashville, TN voiced his support and signed onto the coalition.

Both mayors signed on in a month that saw marriage supporters across Tennessee come together for oral argument at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, which heard arguments on August 6 in 6 different marriage cases, including one from Tennessee. A ruling is expected from the appellate court this fall. 

Mayor Rogero said today: 

As mayor, I have always said that Knoxville is a city that embraces diversity, and respects and values all of its citizens. That is why I am happy to join Mayors for the Freedom to Marry, along with Nashville Mayor Karl Dean and more than 500 other mayors across America. The right to public and legal recognition of a committed, loving relationship is fundamental to individual dignity and happiness. I believe the day is coming soon when that right will be affirmed for all Americans, across all 50 states. I stand with my fellow mayors in support and anticipation of that day.

The Mayors for the Freedom to Marry program now includes mayors from all 14 Southern states. Since February, Freedom to Marry has led Southerners for the Freedom to Marry, a campaign launched in partnership with 16 state and regional partner organizations committed to winning marriage across the South and throughout the country.

Mayors for the Freedom to Marry range from geographically diverse cities both large and small, in states with the freedom to marry and in states where marriage cases are pending in the courts. 

Nearly 500 mayors in states across the country are members of Mayors for the Freedom to Marry. Make sure your mayor supports marriage for all here.