Meet the First DC Couples to Apply for Marriage Licenses

The first same-sex couples to apply for a marriage license in Washington, D.C. are standing in line now. After a three day waiting period, couples will be able to pick up their license and have their marriage performed beginning Tuesday, March 9th. Here are profiles of a few of the committed couples who will finally be able to share in the responsibilities, protections, and commitment of marriage.

Angelisa Young and Sinjolya Townsend

Angelisa Young and Sinjoyla Townsend 

Angelisa and Sinjolya, both African-American females, will be married at HRC Equality Forum on March 9th in the presence of family and friends. Angelisa (age 47) and Sinjolya (age 41) have been together for 13 years and have two children ages 21 and 25.  They both work for DC government and are long-time residents of the District. 

Reginald (Reggie) Stanley and Rocky Galloway

Reggie Stanley and Rocky Galloway 

Reggie and Rocky, both African-American males, are long time residents of the district. They are both 50 years old and have two children, Malena and Zoe Stanley-Galloway, that are each 15 months old. They will be married at HRC Equality Forum on March 9th. Participating in the ceremony will be their two children, Jim Cullion (the best man) and Cherrie McCoy (the best woman). 

Cuc Vu and Gwen Migita

Cuc Vu and Gwen Migita 

Cuc Vu, an Asian Pacific American woman and Gwen Migita, an Asian Pacific Islander, will be married in a non-denominational ceremony. Cuc (age 39) and Gwen (age 38) have been together since October 2008 and are long-time residents of the District.

Aisha C. Mills and Danielle A. Moodie

Aisha Mills and Danielle Moodie 

Aisha Mills (32), an African American woman who is president of the Campaign for All D.C. Families and her fiancé Danielle Moodie (30), a Jamaican American woman who works for Mayor Bloomberg of New York’s Washington, D.C. Office of Federal Affairs, will be married in August at an interfaith ceremony on Long Island. The couple, who live in Columbia Heights, have been together for 6 years. They will be applying for their license on March 3rd and are in the midst of wedding preparations.  

Rick A. Imirowicz and Terrance Heath

Rick Imirowicz and Terrance Heath 

Rick Imirowicz, a forty-three year old Caucasian male, will be marrying Terrance Heath, a forty-one year old African-American male. Rick is a doctor and practices Catholicism, while Terrance practices Buddhism. They are long-time District residents, have been together for 10 years and have two children.