Meeting with NY Senator Joseph Addabbo

Written by Chris Buckley and Mark Ciano
Marriage is extremely important to our family - and that's why even with our very busy schedules being working fathers of newborn twins - we made time to meet with Senator Addabbo last week. And, we're very glad that we did because Senator Addabbo recently announced he will now vote for the marriage bill. 

Chris and I have been together for 21 years and our twins Ayla and Connor were born in March. We got married in Connecticut this past September, but really want to be able to get married in NY to protect the family we are building in our home state.  We've gone through tons of legal document work-arounds, trying to take care of our family and these experiences have really made it clear that marriage is the only way to truly protect our family.  

When we met with Senator Addabbo he was extremely gracious and receptive to our position. We talked to him about being just like any other loving and committed couple and family in his district - we get up, go to work, come home, and care for our family. We let him know that a good portion of his constituents want his support for marriage equality were there to speak for them and to advocate for him to protect our family security and increase our acceptance in the community. He listened to us explain, with kids on our lap,  that we want  to be able to raise our children in this community without bias and to be accepted at school and not treated as different because they have same-sex parents and marriage equality is not legal in NY.

He talked about understanding that this is a civil, not religious issue, and that he understood our family's concerns and needs. He also talked about the huge amount of constituent postcards he had received from the larger LGBT community echoing our family's concerns and dreams for marriage equality in NY.

It was thrilling to hear yesterday that the Senator is now on board to vote for the freedom for all couples to marry in NY. We hope that other Senators join him so Ayla and Connor can grow up in a state where their family is recognized and valued just like all other NY families.