Michael Steele: If Prop 8 struck down, GOP will form ‘strong front line’ to stop marriage equality

Posted by Andy Towle on towleroad.com:

"The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) posted a lengthy interview with Republican Party chair Michael Steele about his personal philosophies and the party's strategy for fighting marriage equality over the next two years.

"Steele, who insists banning marriage for same-sex couples around the country is not something that's 'anti-gay', says the GOP will work hard at the state level to stop pro-marriage equality initiatives [my transcript]:

"'For us, going forward, we'll look to the leadership in Washington for any legislative or federal efforts to address the issue of marriage, between man and woman, traditional marriage. But also especially at the state level where I think the battle is really going to be fought over the next couple years, and we want to be in partnership through our state party organizations working with state legislative leadership to stand firmly and squarely behind the defense of marriage.'

"NOM's Frank Cannon asks Steel, 'If the federal courts were to strike down the California law and discover a federal right to the freedom to marry, in essence, would you fully stand behind the Republican platform's call for federal marriage amendment?'

"[my transcript]

"Says Steele: 'Oh, absolutely. Without hesitation or doubt. In fact we would partner with our leadership in the House and our governors and leadership in the state legislatures to create a very very strong front line if you will, on that issue. I can't again stress how important that is for how we will lead as a people, and how we will see ourselves as a nation. ...'"

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