Minnesota House of Representatives votes YES on the freedom to marry

Today, the Minnesota House of Representatives voted in favor of the freedom to marry by a vote of 75-59!

The bill will now be heard by the full Senate next week. The Senate is scheduled to vote on the marriage bill on Monday, May 13.  

Karen Clark, the openly lesbian sponsor of the marriage bill in MN, said: "This is a historic day for Minnesota. In Minnesota we don't turn our back on family. Freedom means freedom for everyone." 

In March, marriage bills advanced through the House Civil Law Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee, and earlier this week, the MN House Ways & Means Committee also voted to advance the bill to a full floor vote.

This month, polling has registered majority support for marriage in the state, and Minnesotans United for All Families, the coalition working to pass a marriage bill in 2013, has been continually hard at work making the case for why marriage matters across the state.   

Minnesotans United for All Families has been leading the effort to move marriage forward in Minnesota for the past several years. In 2012, they galvanized amazing support to bring Minnesotans from all across the state in unified opposition to an anti-gay ballot initiative that sought to permanently limit the freedom to marry to different-sex couples. Now, they're working to complete the evolution by passing marriage for same-sex couples in 2013. Freedom to Marry is proud to be a founding member and key funder for the coalition.  

The campaign to win marriage in Minnesota is one of six key states included in Freedom to Marry's Win More States Fund this year. You can support the campaign in Minnesota by donating HERE.  

Learn more about the freedom to marry in Minnesota HERE.