Minnesotans United launches first television ad

Yesterday, Minnesotans United for All Families released their first television advertisement asking Minnesotans to vote NO on a proposed constitutional amendment permanently limiting the freedom to marry. The amendment will appear on the November 6, 2012 ballot

The spot includes a testimonial from John and Kim, parents from Savage, Minnesota who are Catholic Republicans and who have been married for 13 years. They share their journey of how they arrived at the decision to vote no on the constitutional amendment to limit marriage for same-sex couples. 

The ad shows John and Kim talking about their three kids, their commitment to each other, and how they've grown to understand that all couples deserve that chance to stand before their friends and family and profess their love and commitment. Kim says:

We had a gay couple live in our neighborhood, and they adopted a little son. They were the most wonderful neighbors - and it taught all of us in our little suburban world. It's OK to take a second look. And when you do, vote 'no.'

Minnesotans United has also launched a fundraising effort to keep the advertisement on the air as long as possible. They need just over $58,000 to keep the air on for as long as possible. Check out their donation page now to help sustain the lifetime of the important TV spot. 

Although all forms of media attention are important for the Minnesota ballot campaign, we know that television advertising continues to be one of the most prominent ways that voters get information about elections. Advertisements like this are critical for showing Minnesotans that it's OK to struggle with their thoughts about marriage for all couples, and that they should take this opportunity to consider the fact that opposing the freedom to marry hurts couples and families. 

Watch the video below, learn more about the freedom to marry in Minnesota, and read all about all four states where marriage is on the ballot this November.