Momentum in Maryland

Posted by Yusef Najafi on

"It was just a few days ago that Maryland State Sen. Allan Kittleman (R-Carroll, Howard) announced publicly that he would be introducing a civil-union bill – allowing both same-gender and opposite-gender couples to have civil unions, while leaving marriage up to religious institutions in the state.

"But before introducing that bill, Kittleman on Jan. 18 announced his resignation as Senate GOP leader, according to the Baltimore Sun.

"Meanwhile, the fight for marriage equality in the state continues. Also on Tuesday, Jan. 18, Sen. Richard S. Madaleno (D-Montgomery), Maryland's only openly gay state senator, announced that he will be introducing a marriage bill.

'''We're just going through getting all the co-sponsors that we need,' Madaleno told Metro Weekly Tuesday evening.

"Madaleno added that he expects an Equality Maryland event acknowledging the introduction of marriage-equality bills in the House and Senate next week.

"With the political climate in Annapolis, Madaleno says he's optimistic about marriage equality in the coming year.

'' 'I think things have changed tremendously,' he says. 'We've continued to reach out and educate people about the needs of our families over the last three years.'

'' 'I think this is our best chance ever.' "

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