National Association of the Deaf supports the freedom to marry

This week, the National Association of the Deaf declared their support for the freedom to marry in a new video, citing the parallels between the struggle for marriage between same-sex couples and the struggle for marriage between two deaf adults. 

The video, released yesterday, features Nicholas Bolger, a programs intern for the Human Rights Campaign, signing about NAD's support. Bolger signs a message of support in a new video:

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD), a civil rights organization, of, by and for deaf and hard of hearing Americans, recently announced their support for marriage equality. The historic announcement came several days after the NAD was the subject of some controversy  for inviting South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard to speak at their Biennial Conference. Many members of the Deaf community were upset because Daugaard supported a constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between a man and a woman.

LGBT people and Deaf people have had some interesting parallels in their struggles for equal rights. At one point in our history, many hearing people thought two deaf individuals should not be allowed to marry because they claimed that Deaf people were not capable of being good parents - simply because they cannot hear. The Deaf community has fought hard for equal rights, and now the LGBT community is fighting for those rights. 

The video also notes that Daugaard will no longer be speaking at the NAD conference.  

Freedom to Marry applauds NAD's decision to stand for the freedom to marry and identify the reasons that people should care about this important issue. Discrimination against any community is unfair and wrong, and we thank NAD for recognizing the damage that anti-gay policies - and public figures who embrace those anti-gay policies - do to loving and committed same-sex couples and gay and lesbian individuals across the country. 

Watch the video explaining NAD's pro-marriage stance here.