National CNN poll shows record support for the freedom to marry

This morning, CNN and ORC International released the results from a new national survey on the freedom to marry. The survey found the largest majority yet of Americans who support marriage for same-sex couples.

The survey participants in the nationwide poll were asked, "Do you think marriages between gay and lesbian couples should or should not be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages?"

54 percent of respondents said they feel it should be recognized. In the past year, dozens of polls have demonstrated majority support among Americans for the freedom to marry. 54 percent in favor of the freedom to marry is the largest majority yet.

The CNN poll also showed that intensity continues to swing in favor of marriage for all couples. 39 percent of respondents said they feel "strongly" that marriages between same-sex couples should be recognized, while only 34 percent said they feel "strongly" against marriage.

Support continues to come most ardently from younger voters, with 73 percent of voters ages 18-34 saying they support the freedom to marry. Democrats and Independents also overwhelming support marriage, with 70 percent and 60 percent support, respectively.

The encouraging results from this new national poll is evidence that each and every day, Americans are taking the time to consider why the freedom to marry is important. More and more, they are coming to the conclusion that by supporting the freedom to marry for all couples, they are supporting their friends, family members, and neighbors.

As marriage advocates, we must continue to grow the majority for marriage by engaging diverse cross-sections of the population in conversations about why marriage matters to same-sex couples and their families. We must continue to win more states, persuade hearts and minds, and show that the best way to protect same-sex couples and their families is by achieving the freedom to marry for all.